Reopening update 

The Church Council has approved a plan to reopen our building for weekday use. This means that most church ministries and committees can meet in the building. So can our partners, including 12 step meetings, Lighthouse UCC and others.
To request a space in the building for a meeting, event, or activity, please use our new Space Use Request Form.



To see a pastor

To meet with a pastor during the week, please contact Matt, Sarah or Jeff to schedule.

If you need to come to the church building for another reason on a weekday, please contact Claire or Maddy in the church office. 


Online and in-person worship

We have returned to in-person worship on Sundays at 10:00am. Current city guidelines permit us to gather in a group that comprises 60% of our sanctuary’s capacity. This means we can welcome 460 people on Sunday mornings.

We also continue to have online worship, now as a livestream of our in-person service.

Outreach continues
We are maintaining long-standing service efforts, such as our Community Engagement Program with Lincoln Park Community Shelter. 

See our service opportunities >

Socially-distanced socializing

As weather permits, we are hosting events in our courtyard and Kemper St. parking lot. 

Check our events calendar >

Links to COVID-19 information

We encourage all to stay up-to-date on the progress of, and resources for dealing with, this pandemic. 

Illinois Dept. of Public Health >

UCC Daily COVID-19 Updates, separating fact from fiction >