Wake Up!

By Diana Laskaris, Stephen Minister Leader

Sometimes we need a wake up call. We can slog through life tolerating all kinds of indignities, injustices, insults and intolerance. We may build up a resistance to everyday evils, turn a blind eye to the cruelty and ignorance that plague our modern life. It’s easier to bury our heads in the screens of our cell phones, working away mindlessly on urgent but unimportant matters so that we can all keep busy just keeping busy.
But at some point, something happens. Something so outrageous and intolerable that it cannot be ignored. Perhaps you’ve noticed the significant number of prominent men being accused of alleged sexual misconduct. It’s not just one man, not just one industry. It appears as though a wake up call has been made upon all of us to sit up and notice what seems to have been happening for a long time. Somehow we chose, either by ignorance or intent, to keep it all below the radar.

Maybe you, someone in your family, or someone that you know has first hand experience with sexual harassment, unwanted advances or even assault. Perhaps you already know the devastating consequences that can occur whether from keeping silent or speaking out. It can be an agonizing thing to have to deal with on your own.

Fortunately, the world has gotten its wake up call. We have gotten our wake up call. Although it’s quite upsetting to see the extent of the damage and we cannot predict how far this will go into the future, we can see that it is no longer possible for us to sleep through what has been happening around us, if not to us.

Stephen Ministers are trained in dealing with the most delicate personal challenges in a caring, confidential and Christian manner. They are able to handle the wake up calls, no matter their substance, no matter the time they are made.

If you or someone you know could use help navigating one of the challenges discussed here or any other challenge in life and would like to have someone to work through it with you, please let someone in St. Pauls Stephen Ministry know. 

We care, we can help, and we’re always wide awake for you.