• 1932

    1932 Bote

    The Great Depression hits St. Pauls when it loses several thousand dollars with the closing of Citizens State Bank of Chicago; the Session drastically reduces the budget, and the pastors voluntarily reduce their salaries by 10%.

  • 1934

    Pastor Jacob Pister dies on January 26 and the Congregation calls George Scherger as Senior Pastor.

    Also in 1934, the German Evangelical Synod of North America merges with the Reformed Church in the United States, forming the Evangelical and Reformed Church

  • 1937

    Hindenburg Disaster

    Pastor Scherger, at the urging of the Consul General in Chicago, holds a memorial service for those who died in the crash of the German Zeppelin airship, the Hindenburg.

  • 1938

    Organ & Dresden Boys Choir 1938

    Pastor Scherger proposes to hang the flag of the Third Reich beside the American flag in the sanctuary; the church council bans the display of either flag or of any symbol of nationalism in the sanctuary.

    The Dresden Boys Choir sings at St. Pauls' 95th anniversary celebration.

    Junior Congregation (for young people under 21), replaces the various young people’s groups in the church.

  • 1939

    Minnie Abel

    Minnie and Edward J. Abel donate funds, and Abel Memorial Building is built to house older children at Uhlich Home.

  • 1941

    Gerhard Grauer

    Following the death of Pastor George Scherger on March 31, Gerhard Grauer is installed as pastor in September.

  • 1943

    Centennial Banquet

    St. Pauls celebrates its centennial.

  • 1945

    St. Pauls begins a period of rapid growth that continues through 1960.

  • 1952

    Parish House Groundbreaking

    St. Pauls dedicates its Parish House in February.

    It includes a gymnasium-auditorium named for William and Anna Wieboldt, a chapel named for Carl and Rose Buehler, meeting rooms named for the Oscar Mayer families, and a parlor named for Ernst and Anna Kruetgen.

  • 1955

    Fire Destroys Sanctuary

    Fire destroys most of the church building on Christmas night; the Parish House sustains only water damage, so services are held in the chapel and the gymnasium until a new sanctuary can be built.

  • 1957

    UCC Logo

    The Evangelical and Reformed Church merges with the Congregational Christian Churches, creating the United Church of Christ (UCC); St. Pauls joins the UCC but does not change its name.

  • 1959

    1959 Sanctuary

    The congregation dedicates its new church sanctuary and social hall and the renovated parish house on September 13.