• 1917

    St. Pauls supports the American cause as the U.S. declares war on Germany.

  • 1918

    St. Pauls Celebrates its 75th Anniversary during a year of war.

  • 1919

    St. Pauls institutes a new individual membership system and an annual pledge and envelope system, allowing for wider participation in church governance and a wider financial support base.

  • 1920

    Fundraising takes place for a new children’s home to replace the current Uhlich Home; Mrs. Keitel begins the "Penny a Day Savings Club," which raises $10,000.

  • 1921

    St. Pauls House is dedicated in a service at St. Pauls Church on November 25.

  • 1922

    Church organizes Memorial Endowment Fund to hold all funds, not otherwise designated, that are received through bequests and memorial gifts.

  • 1923

    Anna Wieboldt

    Anna Wieboldt founds the Dorcas Society, a missionary society at St. Pauls to support foreign and domestic missions and to provide relief to the poor of Chicago.

    Dorcas Society and Sunshine Club tradition of delivering fruit baskets to homebound and needy residents of the area begins.

  • 1926

    Pastor Jacob Pister

    Pastor John retires, moves to St. Pauls House, and becomes its director; Pastor Pister continues as senior pastor of church.

  • 1928

    Uhlich Building on California

    Uhlich Home moves in May to the 3700 block of North California Street, on land donated by Carl and Rose Buehler.

  • 1929

    George L. Scherger is installed as associate pastor for religious education.