• 1843

    Ogden and Newberry

    Nine German immigrants meeting in a grocery store run by one of the men, found "Deutsch Evangelish Lutherische Saint Paulus Gemeinde" (German Evangelical Lutheran St. Pauls Congregation).

  • 1844

    First One-Room Building

    One-room church building, constructed by the men of the congregation at LaSalle and Ohio Streets, is completed in February.

  • 1846

    Pastor August Selle is called and preaches his first sermon at St. Pauls on April 12, Easter Monday.

  • 1848

    Pastor Selle leaves, taking four of the founding families with him and organizing the first Missouri Synod church in Chicago.

  • 1848

    Pastor Fischer

    Congregation calls Josef Anton Fischer as pastor.

  • 1850

    Frederick Douglass

    St. Pauls and other churches oppose Fugitive Slave Law and lend support for the 1850 Convention of the Colored Citizens of Chicago.

  • 1851

    After pastor Fischer leaves St. Pauls in August, Joseph Hartmann is called as pastor in November 1851.

  • 1855

    Congregation dedicates a new brick church building, erected on the same site (LaSalle and Ohio Streets); this is Chicago's first brick church north of the Chicago River.

  • 1858

    St. Pauls helps found Zion Church at Newberry and 14th Streets.

  • 1859

    At a meeting at St. Pauls on May 19, 1859, Pastor Hartmann and others establish a new denomination, the German United Evangelical Synod of the Northwest. Pastor Hartmann and Pastor Fischer are elected president and vice president of the new denomination.

  • 1862

    St. Pauls helps found German United Evangelical Salem’s Church at 21st and Archer.

  • 1863

    St. Pauls helps found German United Evangelical St. Peter’s Church at Chicago and Noble Streets (now St. Peter's United Church of Christ on Diversey).

  • 1867

    Women of St. Pauls form the German Widows and Orphans Society to aid German American children who were orphaned and mothers who were widowed during the Civil War.