The Yud

by Stephen Minister Kirk Chernansky

The “yud” is the tiniest of marks but a powerful representation of the presence of God.  It looks like a mere dot, but this little Hebrew apostrophe represents the sublime unknowable at the beginning of the name of Jehovah (יהוה) and the Hebrew word for “life”(חי).
In English, the “yud” takes the form of a comma. Pastor Jeff recently described the comma painted on his communion chalice as reminder to pause and remember God’s presence. As an apostrophe, it serves a similar function when it merges God with our negativity. It begs us to reconsider when we say the word can’t, won’t, don’t, shouldn’t. In the possessive form, it comes between our name and the letter “s” to remind us that we need to cherish God above all our possessions.  As I’m writing this, I notice that there are four “yuds” in a quote -- a reminder that what we say carries great power and to think before speaking. 
Most of all God is in the “I’m.”  Whenever we say “I am,” it is helpful to pause and consider that God is in us and to describe ourselves with that in mind. I’m a Stephen Minister and as such, I pause before each meeting with my care receiver to remember that I am carrying with me the quiet, steady presence of God. I’m the “yud” in our relationship.