St. Pauls Frauen Verein

Throughout our history, St. Pauls has thrived because of the hard work of faithful women. And beyond our walls, it was the women of St. Pauls who gave birth to ideas and brought about the existence of Uhlich Children's Home (UCAN) and St. Pauls House for the Aged. in 1890, St. Pauls women organized into an official church group, the Frauen Verein. In 1938, Pastor Jacob Pister wrote these words about the St. Pauls Frauen Verein (Women's Club):

"This invaluable group of splendid women were first called together as a little Christian band of St. Pauls workers in October, 1890, by the wife of their Pastor, Mrs. Rudolph (Emilie) John. Forty-eight of the ninety-five years of old St. Pauls has been made with the faithful aid of these mothers of St. Pauls. The work of the Frauen Verein has covered many phases of Christian Service, their entire program having been carried out in the mother tongue, German, from the day of its founding to the present day. Besides their duties as "House Mothers" they served in the support of Mission work and the work of our Evengelical Women's Union. To the good women of the Frauen Verein, St. Pauls Church owes a great debt. They have answered many a call through the years and without their unselfish support, our history could never be complete."

The Frauen Verein in 1950