Site credits

This site was designed and developed by Theory One Design in partnership with the staff and volunteer members of St. Pauls United Church of Christ. Photography by Heather Parker.

Special thanks to Jeff Carlson for beautifully capturing the heart of this church in the text and for hours of time assisting in its construction; to Lisa Soard for enthusiastically interviewing and writing each member story; to Nancy Bingaman, Barb Arsenault and Colleen Henry for capturing the vision of the timeline and wholeheartedly embracing its construction with joy and efficiency; to Kathy Kikke for graciously adopting a new administrative system and supporting this project; to Gary Dieboldt for backend and facilities support; to Brent Bunch for technical support at critical points along the way; to Katrena Fielder for administrative support; to Kevin Dzierzawski for contributing audio engineering expertise; to Doug Black and the rest of the Communications Committee for the excellent groundwork they laid for this project and their continued trust and support; Lorne Frank for providing perspective, institutional knowledge and hospitality; to Kurt Hansen for copy contributions and good humor; to Avena Ward for copy writing and support; Sharon Phillips and Carrie Bruggers for organizing dozens of photographs; Max Parmley, the Soard family, Tom and Colleen Henry and Jordan Blue for sharing your stories and finally to Ben Bishop for shepherding this project with managerial efficiency, humor and graciousness in a year of transition.