Sarah's Sibs

Sarah’s Sibs gather every Wednesday morning to make 40 bag lunches to be distributed to the homeless at the Fullerton Avenue door. This intergenerational group has been ongoing since 1982, and the only membership requirements are kindness, warmth and a sense of humor.

Sarah’s Sibs meets on Wednesday morning, year round, at 9:30AM and distributes lunches at 10:30AM. To join their group, simply show up on Wednesday morning.

Sarah’s Sibs lunch program is supported by our Church School Lenten Elijah Jar collection, allowing them to serve a hotdogs, cookies, beverage and chips.

 The Elijah Jar tradition comes from a story told in 1 Kings, chapter 17:

The prophet Elijah meets a poor widow and asks her to bring him some water and prepare him some bread. Despite the fact that she thinks she and her son are about to starve to death for lack of food or money, she does as Elijah asks. After feeding Elijah, she finds that, miraculously, her containers of oil and grain do not run out, and she can feed her son and herself.

Lois Basil