Social Justice and Giving

Because we believe that Jesus calls us to a life of service to others, St. Pauls encourages our members to be active in volunteering in our community. We also give at least 10% of our annual income from pledges and offerings towards outreach.

Part of that money goes to support the work of the United Church of Christ through Our Church's Wider Mission (OCWM) and part of it goes to community organizations that we partner with.

St. Pauls has a history of giving birth to new organizations that continue to do good work in our city. We founded Uhlich Children's Home, now UCAN, to care for orphans of the Civil War. In the early 20th Century, we founded St. Pauls House to care for the elderly. And in more recent years helped to found the Common Pantry, the Night Ministry and the Lincoln Park Community Shelter.

These are some of the fine organizations that St. Pauls has most recently supported financially:

A Just Harvest

Community Renewal Society

Lincoln Park Community Services

The Night Ministry

St. Pauls House