Lincoln Park Community Services

St. Pauls helped found the Lincoln Park Community Services (LPCS) in 1985 along with three other neighborhood churches. LPCS is a comprehensive social service agency serving adult men and women who are experiencing homelessness, providing interim housing, meals, and a targeted array of services to over 300 people each year. We continue our close relationship with LPCS through regular volunteer opportunities and by hosting their Sunday Community Engagement Program (CEP).

Here's how you can volunteer:

LPCS Community Engagement Program (CEP) Sunday Suppers

Meals and services will be provided OUTDOORS during the current phase of the COVID-19 pandemic

  • When: Every Sunday afternoon at 1:00 PM
  • Where: St. Pauls Courtyard
  • Description This outreach program serves those in need in our community—some who are on the LPCS waiting list and others who are struggling with housing and food insecurity. During the COVID-19 pandemic the program provides a good meal, a hygiene kit, healthcare support, and consultation with case managers.
  • St. Pauls Volunteers will plan a menu, purchase food, and drop off packed bag lunches and beverages for about 30 people each Sunday afternoon. Meals should be prepared or purchased offsite and dropped off at 1pm in the St. Pauls courtyard. Volunteers may stay onsite to help distribute to CEP Supper guests if they wish to do so, but LPCS staff are prepared to provide all in-person services to guests. St Pauls kitchen facilities are not currently available, so meals that require no refrigeration or heating are recommended.
  • This volunteer activity is ideal for families or individuals who would like to split a week with another volunteer.

Please contact Jen Kew, or 312-833-1009 if you are interested in volunteering or have any questions about the new meal format. 

Assemble Hygiene Kits for CEP Guests

  • CEP is in regular need of hygiene kits for both men and women to give to their guests.
  • If you can assemble some kits, email Pauline Taylor,, for a date to drop off at the church.
  • Ingredients: Small or travel sizes to fit in 1 gallon bag.

    1 tooth brush and tube of paste
    1 bottle of mouth wash
    1 container of body wash or bar of soap
    1 hand sanitizer
    1 pack of facial tissue
    1 razor and can of shaving cream
    1 container of skin lotion
    1 deodorant
    1 pack of q-tips
    1 dental floss
    1 container of Gold Bond or other body/talcum powder
    1-2 packets of sanitary wipes
    For women’s hygiene kits add 3 sanitary napkins.

    Put everything in gallon zip-lock bag

Jen Kew