Member Stories: Kyle and Kristin

Kyle and Kristin have been members of St. Pauls since February 2007. It so happens the day they became members of St. Pauls was the same day that Kyle asked Kristin’s Dad for his blessing to marry Kristin. They have three beautiful, energetic daughters. Kristin is Mom-in-Chief of the Mack Home and Kyle is a pediatric hematologist at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago.

When did you know this was your church home?

Kristin had been involved in the Episcopal Church while living in Virginia but was considering the United Church of Christ as her relationship with Kyle became more serious.  She knew she wanted to attend St Pauls the moment she heard the Doxology. The choir sings a breathtaking descant that moved her to tears. On almost every Sunday you can find Kristin and Kyle on the pulpit side of the sanctuary, joining their voices with the choir, and feeling the spirit of the Lord.

Kyle grew up UCC and went to church every Sunday until he went to college. When he met Kristin and moved to Chicago, she encouraged him to look at churches again. He, like Kristin, loves the Doxology, but what makes him feel at home at St. Pauls is the prayer of the church after the Doxology. “Each pastor has a different, unique approach to the prayer session,” said Kyle. “Yet, they bring the church together and in that moment it is powerful.”

What is the first thing you tell others when talking about St. Pauls?

Kyle said, “I tell them how welcoming it is.” Kristin added, “I say that I know that no matter what may happen in our lives, our church family will be there for us.”

What’s your favorite memory of St. Pauls?

“That’s easy,” Kristin and Kyle say in unison, “our wedding.” Kristin went on to say, “The sanctuary was beautiful. The church organist Kevin played and Muzette added the soulful vocals. So many people who we love and who love us were there.”

How did you meet each other?

Kristin and Kyle break into huge smiles as they begin to tell the story. They met on while living on the east coast only 3 months before Kyle moved to Chicago (Kristin’s home town) to work at Lurie. Their first date was in Washington, DC on March 29, 2006 and they were engaged exactly one year later in Chicago.  Pastor Emeritus Tom Henry married them at St. Pauls in November 2007.

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