Do your best, let God do the rest.

By Diana Laskaris, Stephen Ministry Leader
There are times when we feel like we’re out of control. We want to do whatever we can to keep our world together. And the more we try to control things ourselves the more they seem to slip out of our grasp. We need to learn that we would be better off accepting that we are human, God is God, and together, we make a pretty awesome team.
I’ve had worries about my family and about my finances and about my health and about the world we live in and how horrible tragedies are swirling ever closer to me. I get furious hearing about children being gunned down in school or parishioners being killed in their church. Who doesn’t?
But as much as I might want to control all the guns and all the mentally ill people and all the members of my family and everything and everyone around me, I know that’s an irrational desire. Even if I could have all things go “my way,” there would be issues resulting from that too. Then who would I blame?
As much as I ache hearing that the Ocelots are facing extinction because my President (and many of my countrymen) want to build a wall separating the U.S. from Mexico, I cannot control either the dying off of the beautiful cats nor the building of a border wall. To try to think of ways to do so only leads me to frustration, anger and anxiety about how little impact I actually have.
After all my huffing and puffing, I realize that I have a part to play in all the injustices in the world. I bear witness to them. I can express my experience and share my fury. I can seek to influence hearts and change minds. Instead of complaining that I have no power to change things, it would be better for me to describe the world I want to see, to tell, show and convey to others what I think and feel without trying to control their responses. I need to do my best to be honest about what bothers me to the core and be brave enough to share freely and openly.
But then I need to let go. I need to let go of expectations and my desire to control. It is not up to me to control others or what’s going on in the world. I can participate on a human level and do my best to “seek justice and resist evil.” That I can do. I can do my best to be an example of good, to speak out against injustice, to express my opinion, and to act kindly and with compassion. I can do my best and let God do the rest because together, we make an awesome team.