Kids Summer Camp

St. Pauls Summer Camp for Kids
Kids will enjoy daily trips to the local parks, playing games in our spacious gym, exploring their creative side with arts and music, being silly in the sprinklers with water games on the front lawn as well as visits to the beach, the zoo, the Nature Museum and Conservatory.

Open to kids from 2 years old to 12 years old. Half day and full day options as well as before and after care.
Kids are grouped in teams by age level and each team is supervised by a Lead counselor, a junior counselor and a counselor in training.

This year we are offering new flexible scheduling! You choose any combination of dates you would like when you register.

Begins July 5 and ends August 3, 2018
Half Days Monday to Friday 9AM to Noon
Full Days Monday to Friday 9AM to 3PM
Before Care 8AM to 9AM
Aftercare 3PM to 5:30PM

$23 per day for Half Days
$30 per day for Full Days
$5 per day for Beforecare
$10 per day for Aftercare

Register here:

Get Involved

Pre-schoolers gather in the Rainbow Room for a regular program of song and story with related arts and crafts. There is a time to pray and always a time to play. The rainbow motif from the story of Noah's Ark reminds us that God has promised to...

Kids in Kindergarten and Junior Kindergarten gather in the Green Room for class from 9:30-10:30. Sometimes you'll find them outside checking out their garden plot. Using the SPARK Story Bible, the teachers explore Old Testament stories in the...

Because children at this age are learning to read and becoming more comfortable exploring the Bible, they are introduced to the SPARK NRSV Bible. For part of the year, the class spends the first 15 minutes in Kids Chapel where they experience...

How do Bible stories connect to the lives of a bunch of active, savvy 9 and 10 year-olds? In this class, teachers strive to help the kids define what core values are revealed in the stories and how these can help them when faced with difficult...

The lens through which these pre-teens view the Bible stories grows much wider -- helping them to find the meaning of the stories in the life of the city. This group takes on a number of service projects throughout the year -- the Thanksgiving...

Pre-Confirmation (7th Grade)

This is the Bible Belt class, as in “get the Bible under your belt.” Having explored various stories during their early church school years, the 7th graders get an overview of the entire Bible: - Who wrote it? -...

8th & 9th Grades

Confirmation Program Overview

St. Pauls UCC offers a two-year Confirmation Program beginning in year one with students entering the eighth grade and continuing through the ninth grade in year two. A...

LITTLE LIGHTS is an early education program for 2,  3 and 4-year-olds with classes meeting at St. Pauls UCC.

Classes are held Monday-Thursday from 9:15am-11:45am for the 3 and 4 year olds.

Classes are held Tuesday and Thursday from...

2nd -4th Grade Youth Group

Meets every Tuesday from 4-5:30 PM beginning September 20.

Youth Group for 2nd-4th grade meets on Tuesday nights at St. Pauls. Come for games, pizza, faith, friendship fun! Youth group is totally different...

Including children and youth in worship leadership is a long-standing commitment at St. Pauls. Acolytes have the special responsibility of leading the pastors to the chancel during the processional and lighting the candles on the altar. During...