Comfort for 2019

by Stephen Ministry Leader Barb Kaiser

Today let's choose to “pay it forward” and be a source of encouragement to another.
A gentle word of comfort from a beloved family member or a smile of support and
encouragement from a friend can make a world of difference in our day. Such
expressions are examples of the love God within one person reaching out to comfort

In Psalm 119:76, it says, ”Let your steadfast love become my comfort
according to your promise to your servant.”

Because such actions mean so much to us, we reciprocate by comforting others
around us. We can be an expression of God’s love for anyone facing a difficult
challenge or recovering from a setback as we look to 2019. In prayer, we connect directly with the love of God. We affirm comfort and strength
for ourselves, for those we love, and even for people we do not know who may be in
need. One with the love of God, we are comforted and we comfort others.