By Kingdom Come I Will Be Done

by Marti Pechnyo, Stephen Ministry Leader

Like many families, bedtime prayers were ritual for our kids when they were young. One
night, three-year-old Anne announced that, instead of the usual prayer, she would pray the
one we say in church. She began.

“Our father, who lives in Evanston, called me by name. By kingdom come I will be done, on
earth but not in heaven.”

How the words of children ring true! Well, her human father didn’t live in Evanston; he lived in
Wilmette with us. But, oh! That last statement! In the many years since, when my to-do list
and my calendar have overflowed, I’ve often thought, “By kingdom come I will be done and
not one minute sooner!”

My understanding of that declaration has deepened significantly in the last two years. We live
in disappointing, anguish-filled, angry times. We can’t sit back and wait for others to spread
the love and compassion we need every day. My daughter’s words remind me that while I’m
alive, there is no end to the good I’m called upon to do here on earth. And when I die, my
reward will be heavenly, guaranteed.

It’s a big challenge and I fall short all too often. But if my child can voice it, I can keep trying to
live up to her expectation.

As 2018 draws to a close, I look forward to even more work in 2019. There’s so much to do!
Happy New Year!