Our 1898 building had a clock and bell tower. The bell in the courtyard is the one that survived the fire of Christmas night 1955.

An article in the October 1948 Bote newsletter reads:

“FACE LIFTING - No this isn’t an article on plastic surgery, nor an ad for some beauty soap or cream.
For years we have had complaints about our clock. It runs, it doesn’t run, it strikes but doesn’t strike right. We finally have decided to have our Tower clock electrified, new dials placed in the tower, a new electrical system installed so that the entire clock is automatic. Moreover our bells give us trouble and they need repairs so we are also to electrify them. That will mean that none will have to go up to the steeple to pull the ropes, but we shall be able to press a button and have the bells ring or toll as the case may be.
This morning (October 26) they took out the clock and we are assured that our clock and bell system will be completed by Christmas.
A needed repair and splendid method of publicity, for when the new clock dials are placed our lighted tower will be easily seen from the Outer Drive and the “L” as it passes through the Fullerton Station.
We are sure all will be happy to hear that this very necessary repair and new installation has been authorized and is under way.”