2016 Sermon Archives

Date Title Speaker
Dec 25 2016 Sitting on the Stairs Matt Fitzgerald
Dec 24 2016 The Heart of the Universe Matt Fitzgerald
Dec 11 2016 Tickled Pink Jeff Carlson
Dec 4 2016 Would You Like to Help Me Fund the Vegan Steakhouse I Hope to Open? Matt Fitzgerald
Nov 27 2016 Left Behind Jeff Carlson
Nov 20 2016 Grieving Is Believing: A Sermon for Totenfest Matt Fitzgerald
Nov 6 2016 What Do You Think You're Doing? Avena Ward
Oct 23 2016 Is God Talking Through Your Dog? Matt Fitzgerald
Oct 16 2016 Wrestling God Sarah Garcia
Oct 9 2016 Flipping the Script Matt Fitzgerald
Oct 2 2016 Plain Yellow Mustard Jeff Carlson
Sep 25 2016 Stranger at the Gate Jeff Carlson
Sep 11 2016 An Elasticized Imagination Matt Fitzgerald
Sep 4 2016 How to Lose Friends and Distress People Matt Fitzgerald
Aug 28 2016 How Do You Love an Unlovable Person? Sarah Garcia
Aug 21 2016 What Is Our Role in this Election Season That Is Filled with Hate Rhetoric? Jeff Carlson
Aug 14 2016 How to Lead a Life of Hope and Faith in an Increasingly Violent World Sarah Garcia
Aug 7 2016 When Hope Takes a Vacation Jeff Carlson
Jul 31 2016 Can Christianity Exist Without the Resurrection Story? -or- Is There A Resurrection We Can Hold Onto? Avena Ward
Jul 24 2016 How Should Christians Respond to Islamic Terrorism? Matt Fitzgerald
Jul 17 2016 Will We Truly Be Judged, as It Says in the Bible? Jeff Carlson
Jul 10 2016 Competing Still Small Voices: How Can I Tell If I’m Hearing the Voice of God? Matt Fitzgerald
Jul 3 2016 What Exactly IS Grace? Matt Fitzgerald
Jun 26 2016 The Only Thing That Counts Jeff Carlson
Jun 19 2016 What Is God Doing While We’re Running Away? Avena Ward
Jun 12 2016 Hiding in Plain Sight Matt Fitzgerald
Jun 5 2016 Who Is My God? Rev. Donald Camp
May 29 2016 Strange Friends Jeff Carlson
May 22 2016 Learning to Be a Child Matt Fitzgerald
May 15 2016 Joy Is Something that Pain Turns Into! Matt Fitzgerald
May 8 2016 The Truth Is Ridiculous Matt Fitzgerald
May 1 2016 Original Blessing Sarah Garcia
Apr 24 2016 Playing Catch Up Avena Ward
Apr 17 2016 Alma Mater Jeff Carlson
Apr 10 2016 This Used to Be About Beyoncé Trip Campbell, McKenzie Liebergen, Maia Sanders (Youth Sunday)
Apr 3 2016 The Thinnest Place Matt Fitzgerald
Mar 27 2016 Words, Hints and Life Matt Fitzgerald
Mar 20 2016 Hortus In Urbe Jeff Carlson
Mar 13 2016 Our Mother Hen, Who Art in Heaven Matt Fitzgerald
Mar 6 2016 Saint Paul Says to Saint Pauls Matt Fitzgerald
Feb 28 2016 Love the Ones You're With Jeff Carlson
Feb 21 2016 Answer the Door! Matt Fitzgerald
Feb 14 2016 Is Lite Rock Evil? Matt Fitzgerald
Feb 10 2016 Ash Wednesday Service Matt Fitzgerald
Jan 31 2016 Bat Mitzvah Reflections Avena Ward
Jan 24 2016 We Are Not Punished for Our Sins Matt Fitzgerald
Jan 17 2016 Spawning Miracles Through Hospitality John Hobbs, Church of the Three Crosses

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