2013 Sermon Archives

Date Title Speaker
Dec 29 2013 The Hidden King Jeff Carlson
Dec 22 2013 Holy Families Matt Fitzgerald
Dec 8 2013 He Is Always Coming Back Matt Fitzgerald
Dec 1 2013 The Soundtrack of Our Lives Avena Ward
Nov 24 2013 I See Dead People Matt Fitzgerald
Nov 17 2013 Lost Jeff Carlson
Nov 10 2013 Bad Manners Sarah Garcia
Nov 10 2013 God of the Living Avena Ward
Nov 3 2013 Already! Not Yet! Matt Fitzgerald
Oct 20 2013 A Nagging Feeling Avena Ward
Oct 13 2013 Love Your Neighbor! Matt Fitzgerald
Oct 6 2013 Enough? Sarah Garcia
Sep 29 2013 Jesus Was Wrong Matt Fitzgerald
Sep 22 2013 Having Fun with Someone Else's Money Jeff Carlson
Sep 15 2013 Is Jesus the Answer to a Question We're No Longer Asking? Matt Fitzgerald
Sep 8 2013 The Eyes of My Eyes are Opened Matt Fitzgerald
Sep 1 2013 After the Mall, the Mountaintop Avena Ward
Aug 25 2013 Put Your Feet Down! Matt Fitzgerald
Aug 18 2013 Listening to Our Lives Sarah Garcia
Aug 11 2013 What does it mean to forgive? How can we release resentment? Jeff Carlson
Aug 4 2013 What do we REALLY think happens when we die? Avena Ward
Jul 28 2013 How to Love Annoying and Difficult People Jeff Carlson
Jul 21 2013 The Life-Giving Tension Between Doubt and Belief: The Dialectic of Faith Matt Fitzgerald
Jul 14 2013 How to Stay Grateful When Life Sucks Matt Fitzgerald
Jul 7 2013 “What does ‘Jesus died for your sins’ mean? Is there a way for modern minds to embrace this teaching?” Matt Fitzgerald
Jun 30 2013 Christ is stronger in my GLBT brothers’ and sisters’ hearts than in my own. Matt Fitzgerald
Jun 23 2013 Ask How, Not Why Tom Henry
Jun 16 2013 Missionaries, Models & Other Strangers Avena Ward
Jun 9 2013 The Luxury of Fence Sitting Matt Fitzgerald
Jun 2 2013 Unity in Diversity Bonnie Scott Jelinek
May 26 2013 Suffering Produces What? Matt Fitzgerald
May 19 2013 A Breath of Fresh Air Jeff Carlson
May 12 2013 One Love Avena Ward
Apr 28 2013 Visions Jeff Carlson
Apr 14 2013 A Ghost Doesn't Have Muscle and Bone Like This Matt Fitzgerald
Apr 7 2013 Resurrection Life Avena Ward
Mar 31 2013 Eternity Begins Today Matt Fitzgerald
Mar 31 2013 Living in Light of the Resurrection Jeff Carlson
Mar 17 2013 What We Talk About When We Talk About Sin Matt Fitzgerald
Mar 10 2013 Samariter-Liebe Jeff Carlson
Mar 3 2013 Compost Happens Avena Ward
Feb 24 2013 Dropping the Cross Jeff Carlson
Feb 17 2013 The Grace to Deny Ourselves Matt Fitzgerald
Feb 10 2013 Consider the Wisdom of Not Thinking Matt Fitzgerald
Feb 3 2013 How Do You Hear God? Avena Ward
Jan 20 2013 Bar Tending John Hobbs
Jan 13 2013 Stepping Out on Faith Matt Fitzgerald
Jan 6 2013 Rejoice! God Has a Plan for You Matt Fitzgerald

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