As I Looked Out the Window

By Stephen Minister and Leader Barb Kaiser

As I looked out the window of St. Pauls Church, I gazed at the newly hung banners. There is so much loving that surrounds us for over 175 years. The flowers that bloom in the court yard represent new life as the love of the congregation that has the courage to build and rebuild. There are many ways the people of St. Pauls can help look into the future.
As I looked around during the Oktoberfest, much love was in the air. So many volunteers proud of being part of an event that showed off who we were and our German heritage. Our community supports us and we support our community.
One of the most loving things that we can do for each other as a church family is pray for one another. Great love can be shown not by merely saying “I’ll pray for you”, but by putting a hand on someone’s shoulder right then and lifting up their need in prayer as we do after church service with Stephen Ministry.
Another loving thing we can do is gather together in person and worship Jesus. When the church gathers together I like to think of the family sitting down together for a meal or conversation.  We will gather together as a church when celebrate out 175th year with a birthday party. God is present all around us as we tell each other what we have done during the summer, the past year and our plan for the future. God is listening and truly a part of the conversation.
Our community is so important to us. This is why we have the Oktoberfest outside. We greet one another while seeking good from one another. God wants us to open our eyes to see beyond the walls of St. Pauls Church, to see in the eyes of our neighborhood folks. So many men, women and the antics of fun children.
Serving the church in both corporate and individual, both in large groups and small. We can serve by showing up early Sunday morning and help make the church building welcoming. We can serve by leading a community group. This service is a practical, tangible way to show others the love that God has already shown us.
The Banners remind us that St. Pauls is a loving, growing  place for 175 years.