All Things Are Possible With God

By Diana Laskaris, Stephen Ministry Leader
There are times when I feel as though none of my education, experience, knowledge or skills has prepared me for what life throws my way. Perhaps you’ve had a similar experience in your own life. Something comes up that you just don’t know how to deal with and it makes everything you’ve done before in your life feel irrelevant.
Sometimes we are in our element. Perhaps we’re working on a project that we know so well what steps to take and how to move each step forward. Maybe we’ve even got a hobby or are involved in a group where our finely honed skills come into play. We know just what to do and how to do it. We feel equipped.
But sometimes we are out of our element. We may know to expect that, like when we take a new job or move to a new city. Other times, we are forced to face the hard fact that we don’t know everything and whatever we do know doesn’t seem to help. 
One phrase that often turns over in my mind during such situations is, “All things are possible with God.” This phrase humbles me. It reminds me that in fact, I am not in control of everything at all times and everywhere. I do not know all things. In fact, in the scope of the universe, my own little world is pretty small. And, it’s silly for me to think that I can handle by myself every new situation that comes along.
Fortunately, I have learned that there are other people in the world who have skills, knowledge and experience that I do not have myself. And I’ve learned that one way to get through challenging situations is to reach out to others for help. I’ll admit, it can be difficult to do. Sometimes it’s even difficult to know who to reach out to for help. But when I do a little bit of soul-searching and focus my energy in the right direction, I usually find the answer.
All things are possible with God. No one knows this better than Stephen Ministers who help people go through the trials and tribulations that life sometimes puts in our path. Stephen Ministers bring their special training as well as their own unique personal backgrounds, skills and experiences to every caring relationship they have to help others navigate the situations that arise that can be too much to get through on our own.
So, if you find yourself in a place where you just don’t feel as though you’re equipped to go it alone, get in touch with someone in the St Pauls Stephen Ministry. We can help you develop new skills, insights and knowledge. And soon you’ll too understand that all things are possible with God.