All Miracles, Big & Small

By Diana Laskaris, Stephen Ministry Leader
As I go through my paces at home, hoping for miracles to solve my many little problems, I read a note from a journalist friend who was visiting the wilds of Colombia.  Rather than reading a charming tale of her encounters with locals, great restaurants, fascinating flora and fauna, she reports on a harrowing life-shattering turn of events that made me audibly gasp. 
Turns out, that she found herself frighteningly out of breath all of a sudden, literally in the pool at a resort swim up bar when she found she couldn’t catch her breath. At all. She was taken to a hospital in a small town in Colombia to find that there was an obstruction along with a bulge in her thoracic aorta. They don’t know why. She couldn’t move because they didn’t want it to migrate to her brain and cause her to have a stroke. Or to explode in her chest cavity. 
Dealing with an insurance carrier in the U.S. was another nightmare. Being in a country far from home, knowing little of the local language, understanding that you have a life threatening situation, which you couldn’t possibly explain or even understand was bad. Really bad. And suddenly all my little problems didn’t seem so big at all.
I spent a lot of time diving into work and keeping myself busy trying to solve my own problems in order not to worry myself sick over those of my friend. And, little by little, I was able to whittle them down. I got a great new client. My broken oven is now working again. My father’s pneumonia is finally easing up. My mother’s brain tumor is not growing too fast. These are all good things. Small miracles.
Inevitably, my thoughts turn to my friend. I pray. I pray hard. I pray that whatever she’s going through she’s not going through it alone and that she makes it through this unexpected trauma with stories to write. Or, just that she makes it through at all. I’m afraid to look through my email for any messages, but I have to. I can’t just ignore what’s going on. Anxiously, I look. I hope. I pray.
And when I see the next note from her, it is a small miracle. She has a pulmonary embolism in her right lung that likely moved from her leg. They will probably send a mini vacuum cleaner to break up and suck out the clot. Then she will hopefully be able to breath and move on with her life. 
I’m praying again. Not thinking about myself and my little miracles as I am about a big fat juicy miracle for my friend. But I’m confident there will be one. Because I have proof. The tiny miracles in my life show me that with God all things are possible. So, I believe in miracles. All miracles, big and small.