Giving to St. Pauls

Sunday worship is the center of our church life, but the good works of St. Pauls have taken place 365 days each year since our founding in 1843. We must annually generate the donations and prepare an annual budget to fund our yearly work, as well as make long-range plans using our church endowment to maintain our beautiful church and underwrite our major endeavors for a healthy future. 

There are many ways you can give to support the ministries of St. Pauls as a response to God's gift of grace. People give of their time. They give of their talents and abilities. And they give of their financial resources to support the work of the church. You are invited to give as you are able in any or all of the following ways. 

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4 Ways to Give

#1 - Your Annual Giving/Stewardship Commitment to Support Ongoing Ministry

We are called to be stewards of the resources God has given us. Your Annual Giving Commitment supports the ministries of our church and enables the church to prepare an annual budget to fund our work each year on God's behalf. 

Within our walls, your Annual Giving Commitment funds St. Pauls' weekly and holiday worship services, youth and adult education programs, Bible Story Theatre, pastoral care, the youth and adult music program and instrumentalists, wedding and memorial services, social activities, and the compensation and benefits for our church pastors and staff.

Beyond our walls, your commitment extends the ministry of our church toward a range of worthy causes and organizations that focus on God's call to engage in such works as feeding the poor, providing shelter to the homeless, giving nurture to families in crisis, and working for social justice and peace.

Many members with no prior experience in making a church giving commitment ask, "What should I give? How should I think about the right level?" Giving is a personal decision, and we welcome all gifts of money, talent, or time, no matter the level. For context, here are some general thoughts to frame your decision-making:

  • The Bible suggests tithing, which reflects giving 10% of one's income to the church. 
  • The 2017 median household annual giving level at St. Pauls was $1500.
  • Annual per-household financial giving levels in 2017 ranged from $40 to above $20,000.
  • Last year, total congregational giving levels increased 12% vs. the prior year.
  • Excluding capital expenditures, it costs about $2,466 per active St. Pauls household* to do the work of the church on an annual basis.

#2 - Time and Talent

There are many ways of sharing your gifts at St. Pauls. Our new St. Pauls 2020 Vision strategic plan offers a broad spectrum of opportunities to get involved and make a difference. You are needed to bring our exciting dreams to a reality!  

#3 - Memorial Gifts and Estate Planning

Memorial Gifts are made to St. Pauls to remember a church member, family member, or friend…typically to support and maintain the church’s facilities.

In addition, St. Pauls has had the good fortune since our founding to benefit from generous members who included a gift to St. Pauls in their wills or estate plans. The St. Pauls endowment fund, which enables us to make major investments in maintaining and improving our beautiful church and continuing our major ministries, is a reflection of the generosity of our 175 years of such donors who made a lasting bequest to St. Pauls at the time of their death. Contact one of the pastors or members of the Executive Committee for information on how and where you might designate a portion of your estate to St. Pauls. 

#4 - Endowment

There are a number of Special Funds that support the ongoing life of the congregation of St. Pauls. For more information on these Special Funds, click here.