About Us

Saint Pauls Church is comprised of a congregation of 1,171 individuals who represent 751 households. Our congregation ranges in age from infants to age 100. The average age is 36, which is 21 years younger than the national average age of our denomination. There are 294 children under the age of 18. We have 126 children under the age of four.

Our congregation includes 805 individuals who are married, 45 who are partnered and 321 who are single adults. Of the single adults, 48 are divorced and 47 are widowed. Saint Pauls is 35th in size of the 5,842 United Church of Christ congregations.

Saint Pauls makes its "joyful sound" through worship, music, Christian education and fellowship, and through the use of its building in service to the neighborhood and city. We are home to music concert groups, a daytime outreach for the homeless, four recovery groups, and a nursery school.