A Greeting From Out of the Past

For the Centennial of St. Pauls in 1943, a book was produced by the congregation about our 100 year history. They ended it with these words:

St. Pauls Church has a unique history. it has faced some tremendous difficulties. It fostered charitable institutions long before a term like "organized charity" was known. Its church was ruined. It had to face the task of relocation long before most churches knew of that term or idea. It organized youth work in the days when youth "was to be seen and not heard." The secret of this congregation has been the exceptional leadership of laymen, outstanding minsters, and a will to succeed and face great opportunities and difficulties together. There has always been splendid co-operation between ministers and lay-leaders. There have always been men and women who could measure up to the responsibilites in times of emergency as well as in times of quiet development. This is the end of the story. But it will be continued, never fear. It will be continued by the grace and goodness of God. This is not the end, but a new beginning. May God be gracious unto us and help us to do that which He wishes int he new century.


May we speak to you who will write the history for the 150th and 200th Anniversary of Old St. Pauls? God has been good to St. Pauls. There have been difficulties and times of stress, but with His help they were accepted and overcome. At present we are engaged in the second world war. Over 200 of our boys and girls are in the service of this country. We hope that you will smile when you think of us still using war to settle disputes, and that you will have a just a durable peace. That has been our prayer. We hope that you have kept up the institutions our fathers began, and above all we hope that the daith of the Fathers is still active in the world, transforming it and reurrecting it from what it has been, to that which it should be.

And if, by the mercy of God, we have joined some of the saints whose history we have recorded may we remind you that we will be with you in spirit, that our hopes, our fears, our faith triumphant o'er our tears are all with you in whose behalf men have given not only great gifts, but their life.

May God bless you in that distant future, as He has so richly blessed your past, that is the prayer of us who greet you out of the past.