A Great Gift - Deon Fayhee

Stephen Minister Deon Fayhee shares what being a Stephen Minsiter has meant to him personally.

Being a Stephen Minister has been a great gift to me.  The training, study and preparation allows for a clear understanding of a very special role.  Not an advisor or coach but a confidential companion in the evolution of a fellow person’s journey. Colson Whitehead has written a wonderful book called The Underground Railroad about an epic journey of two slaves to freedom.  In an interaction between two characters the word “optimistic” is used. The woman has never heard the word before but given its context suspects that it just means “trying your best’.

Stephen Ministry is an optimistic enterprise and begins with trying our best.  Sharing our time and talents not as individuals but as representatives of a large and loving community.  Sharing communion in the face of sometimes difficult circumstances reinforces the gift that making a connection with another person can be.  If we are made in God’s image then walking with another is walking nearer to God.  A great gift indeed.

If you are interested in learning more about Stephen Ministry, contact one of our Stephen Leaders - Pastor Jeff Carlson, jcarlson@spucc.org; Marti Pechnyo, mpechnyo@gmail.com; or Diana Laskaris, dianaminlead@gmail.com.