Youth Mission Trip


THE NEED: In the Fall of 2017 hurricanes ravaged Puerto Rico. Homes and businesses were destroyed. Months later two thirds of the island are still without power. Little by little people are rebuilding their lives.  We can help. We have resources and work to share and we can learn a great deal by experiencing the culture and challenges of Puerto Rico. I am certain that this trip will change all of our perspectives on the world and our place in it. Puerto Rico is connected to us, but rarely thought of. It's time to help the Puerto Ricans feel like they are no longer the forgotten people in our country.


OUR WORK: Partner with local churches and leaders to help communities in need. Remove debris, demolish unsafe structures and make repairs to buildings that survived the hurricanes. We don't know yet exactly what project we will be doing because each day work is being done but we are certain there will still be a ton of work to do in June and we will make sure the projects are meaningful and have a significant impact for good. We have several church members who are Puerto Rican and we will are working with them to connect with their families and churches in Puerto Rico as well. 

LODGING: We will be staying in a church in San Juan, Puerto Rico where they do have power and running water. We will sleep on air mattresses.  

GRADES: The trip is open to anyone who will have finished 7th grade by June of 2018 and up through high school.  

COST: The trip cost is $600 per person. This includes airfare, lodging, food and transportation. It does not include airport snacks and souvenirs. We also expect all trip participants help in fundraising for money to go towards the cost of materials and supplies for our projects and to aid the Puerto Ricans. Financial assistance is easily and readily available. Just email me and we will make a plan. We are deeply grateful to the members of the congregation who have donated scholarship money to help make the trip possible for all who wish to go.  
*Note: we recognize that this trip is more expensive than a number of our trips in the past. Our trip last year cost $400 per participant and we will plan to have our trip next year return to that lower number. We want to provide our youth with a variety or transformative and enriching experiences and sometimes those are closer to home and cost less and occasionally that will mean our trips are farther away and cost a bit more. In the end, we seek to balance all of that out and help everyone be able to go who wants to.  

REGISTER: If you think you will be coming on the trip please register as soon as possible. We need to know how many airline tickets to get and time is of the essence in getting the best price.  Please try to register by Feb. 1st.


FUNDRAISING: Our first fundraiser will be the Super Bowl Sunday Bake Sale on Feb. 4th at 11:30AM in the gym. Last year we made over $1,000 so let's see if we can try to do that again. Please plan to bake and to be here to help sell!

Sarah Garcia