Sunday Morning Faith Formation

Faith is something we grow into through God’s grace and through a lifetime of faithful practice. On Sunday mornings we explore a variety of topics to help us grow from the Bible, church history, guest speakers, faith and fiction, world religions and social justice. Topics vary monthly. Meets most Sundays, 9:30 AM in the Parlor, September-May.

Recent and upcoming sessions:

4/10/16 - Money and Human Desiring

Sigmund Freud remarked that money and sex are treated with the same prudishness, inconsistency, and hypocrisy.

We will discuss the psychodynamics of money from Plato and the New Testament to the Wolf of Wall Street, the fascinating, appalling, energizing, and endless number of ways money becomes the object of human desiring.

2/7/16:  Peace and the Bible
How does the Bible speak about peace in our violent world? Join Pastor Jeff Carlson as we look behind the texts from this year's Bible Story Theatre.

Jeff Carlson