Summer Camp

Each summer, St. Pauls holds a church camp for children ages 2-4 (half days from 9:00-noon) and ages 5-12 (half or full days from 9:00-3:00). The camp lasts three weeks, with parents selecting one, several, or all weeks for their children to attend. Camp activities include games, arts and crafts, outings to local parks, Lincoln Park Zoo, the beach, etc.

Summer 2017. Cost is $55 for HALF DAY $105 for FULL DAY (Session 1 only) $175/week for FULL DAY, $90/week for HALF DAY, Sessions 2-4). Financial Assistance is available. Please contact Pastor Sarah at for questions regarding financial assistance.

Session 1: July 5-7.

Session 2: July 10-14

Session 3: July 17-21

Session 4: July 24-28.

Half or Full Day available.

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Here are a few things to be aware of to help camp run smoothly:

Drop Off & Pick Up

Campers 4 years old to 12 years old will be dropped off and picked up in the gym.  Please use the center doors in the Orchard courtyard.  There will be areas marked off for teams separated by age and each camper should go to the spot identified for their team.  There will be counsellors to help guide and direct the campers to their team gathering spot.  The lead counselor for each team will have a sign in sheet and each camper must be signed in and out by a parent or guardian.

Campers who are 2 and 3 years old should enter through the doors in the courtyard that are directly behind the bell statue.  A parent or guardian needs to bring them to the Little Lights classrooms off of the social hall.  Each child must be signed in and out for camp by a parent or guardian.

If you must arrive late or pick up early from camp, contact the Camp Director to make arrangements.

Camp Teams

Each camper will be part of a team that consists of an age appropriate group. Each team will have the same team leader throughout the summer so the campers will have relationships with trusted adults.  Our ratio of paid counsellors to campers is 1:5. Each group has a Team Leader, a Senior Counsellor, a Junior Counsellor and a Counsellor in Training.  Many of our counselors have worked with us year after year and we are excited for them to return this year.

Weekly Camp Schedules

During Saint Pauls Summer Camp teams make use of the gym, social hall and classrooms.  Each day teams also go to local parks and take walks around the neighborhood.  Each week, usually on Wednesdays we take the campers on a special outing to places such as  the Lincoln Park Zoo, the beach, the pool  and the nature museum.  Each week you will be notified which adventure the kids are going on and what special things they will need for it.  

What to Bring and What NOT to Bring to Camp

We do spend time inside during camp but campers also need to be prepared to play outside and  walk to different destinations throughout the neighborhood..  It is very helpful if you label ALL of your camper’s belongings because they inevitably put them down and forget where they put them.  Each day please send your camper with:

Small Backpack w/ Two Shoulder Straps

Water Bottle

Closed Toe Shoes


Lunch and a snack

A change of clothing - often play water games and get messy

*LABEL EVERYTHING with your child’s name – socks, swimsuits, goggles, and left shoes sometimes wander off!

Some of littlest campers may want to bring a stuffed animal or cuddly, something to use as a transitional object.  They may bring it with them but it must be labeled with their name and if it becomes a source of tension with other campers then counsellors will hold onto it until pick up.

What NOT to bring:

- Electronic Screens or WiFi Enabled Products including cell phones, game devices, ipods, eReaders, or wearable technology (apple watches)

- Money or Anything of Value

- Guns, Knives, or Weapons (even if they are “toys”)

- Pokemon, Magic, Trading Cards or any kind


Please keep your camper home if he or she has:

Fever of 101 degree

Severe Cold

Diarrhea and/or Vomiting


Pink Eye



As noted on the sign-up page, cost: $55 for half day, $105 for full day (session 1 only) . Session 1:  July 5-7

$90/week for half day, $175/week for full day. Session 2:  July 10-14. Session 3: July 17-21 Session 4: July 24-28.

If you have not yet made your camp payments, please do so by visiting At the top right of the page, please click "Give" and then the "Donate Online Now" button. Once that pops up, scroll down the screen a bit to "Venue Rental, Parking and Program Fees". There you will find the Summer Camp option, and may make your payment on the noted line. If you need any financial assistance, sibling discounts, or multiple session discounts for camp, please contact Pastor Sarah directly at Please submit all payments by June 15.

Thank you again for choosing St. Pauls Summer Camp!

We have an amazing experience ahead of us!