In keeping with one of the distinguishing features of the United Church of Christ, St. Pauls is entirely self-governing. All governing authority is vested in the Congregation, which it then delegates to the Church Council and the Pastoral Staff. The Church Council membership consists of four officers, the Chairs of the 10 Standing Committees, and five "At-Large" members, and governs St. Pauls jointly with the Staff through its committees.

Click here for the St. Pauls Constitution and By-laws.

Officers of the Congregation

Standing Committees of St. Pauls

  • Communications - Supports the church's mission through internal and external communication through website, newsletters and social media. Chair, Ann Carstensen,
  • Congregational Life - Plans the social events of the church, supports new members and helps members connect with each other. Chair Michael McGuire,
  • Facilities - Manages the infrastructure of the church, parsonage and parking. Chair, John Cochran,
  • Faith Formation - Helps the congregation explore our faith through regular programming such as Bible study, book clubs and discussion groups. Chair, Gregg Taylor
  • Finance - Responsible for overseeing the church's financial matters, investments and budget. Chair, Tom Murray,
  • Outreach and Benevolence - Makes grants on behalf of St. Pauls to support nonprofit organizations and raises awareness of outreach opportunities for the congregation. Chair,  Dan Vaughn,
  • Giving/Stewardship - Oversees St. Pauls annual pledge drive to raise funds for our operating budget and educates the congregation on giving. Chair, Jana O'Brien,
  • Wider Church Relations - Facilitates communication and education between St. Pauls and the wider church, predominantly within the UCC. Chair, Tom Kompare,
  • Youth Education - Serves as the primary support for the Youth Education Director, Church School Teachers, and other youth ministry leaders. Chair, Winnie Kearns,
  • Worship -   Oversees worship services, advises on worship practices, and coordinates volunteer worship participation, including ushers, musicians and communion servers. Chair, Todd Coe,

Members at Large