Giving to St. Pauls

Jesus said one time, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” There are many ways you can give to support the ministries of St. Pauls as a response to God’s gift of grace. People give of their time. They give of their talents and abilities. And they give money out of their financial resources. You are invited to give as you are able.

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4 Ways to Give

#1 - Annual Giving/Stewardship to Support Ongoing Ministry

We are called to be stewards of the resources God has given us. Your Giving Commitment supports the ministries of our church within…

  • Worship — touching the heart, the mind, and the soul 
  • Children and Youth programs — teaching the faith of Jesus and what it requires of us
  • Education — connecting our faith and beliefs to the reality of the world
  • Baptisms — celebrating God’s grace
  • Christmas Eve Services — gathering families together to celebrate the wonder of God’s gift to us in Jesus Christ
  • Pastoral Care – bringing God’s presence to comforts those in need
  • Easter Services – joyfully proclaiming the great promise of our faith
  • Memorial Services — celebrating and honoring a life lived.

…and outward, as your Annual Giving Commitment to St. Pauls extends the ministry of our church toward a range of worthy causes and organizations that focus on God's call to engage in such works as:

  • Feeding the poor
  • Providing shelter to the homeless
  • Giving nurture to families in crisis

#2 - Time

There are many ways of sharing your gifts at St. Pauls. Click here to volunteer and participate in the life of the church.

#3 - Memorial Gifts

Memorial Gifts are made to St. Pauls to remember a church member, family member, or friend…typically to support and maintain the church’s facilities.

#4 - Endowment

There are a number of Special Funds that support the ongoing life of the congregation of St. Pauls. For more information on these Special Funds, click here.